Testimonial from Meloni Crawford

Jul 18, 2023

It has been 6 months since we lost our beloved cat, Boots. It has been a sad journey to grieve her for the humans in the house as well as the other kitty. We used Caring Pathways when Boots was too sick to go any further. Dr. Angel came to our house and began to walk us through the process while asking questions about who Boots was to us and how she impacted our lives. She assured us that we were making this decision at the right time based on what she was seeing in Boots…and there was nothing more reassuring for us to hear.

I will always remember how gently Dr. Angel guided the process for my husband and I as well as the other kitty. We were heartbroken, but she was deeply kind and reassuring. She had the skills to be merciful to our animals and to us humans.

I was so grateful for her role in that moment in our lives that I promised myself I would revisit this site to write a review. This was absolutely the right decision for us and again, I am grateful. Thank you Dr. Angel.

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