Testimonial from Mary Gilfoyle

Feb 13, 2022

Our much loved cat, Callie, made her way across the Rainbow Bridge just four days ago, with the help of Dr. Emilea Burton. I am so so glad that we chose Caring Pathways and that we were so fortunate to have had Dr. Emilea as our at-home vet. Dr. Emilea was very compassionate, caring and professional, answering all of our questions and listening to our concerns. Callie, who hides when visitors come to our house, had complete trust in Dr. Emilea, not hiding at all, instead, hanging out in the cat play box in our living room while Dr. Emilea talked with us there. I know she was listening! And understanding that she could relax with everything that would take place. When we came upstairs to one of Callie’s favorite rooms that I thought would be the coziest place, Callie jumped up and positioned herself on a purple towel at the end of a low couch. I had put the towel there, thinking I would be holding Callie in it on my lap. Instead of going under the bed, which she normally would have done, Callie chose the absolute best place in the room that would give Dr. Emilea access to her and room for Mark and me to also be able to be near so we could pat her and talk with her. She did all of this completely on her own. It was fully Amazing. We realized then that Callie knew exactly what was happening and she was participating in the process! We were in awe of her wisdom and knowingness. This was a very different behavior and a conscious behavior on her part. Dr. Emilea fully explained the process to us and to Callie at that point, and what to expect, as Callie stayed on the purple towel and listened also. It couldn’t have been a more peaceful transition, during such an emotional and very sad experience as we said goodbye to our “little kid cat” —- who always had the spirit of a young animal. Everything went so smoothly. After Dr. Emilea determined that Callie was now free of her body, she gave us some time by ourselves with our little cat and we let our emotions flow. Dr. Emilea provided us with written materials regarding the grief process for both us and our remaining kitty.
I am enthusiastically recommending Dr. Emilea Burton as well as Caring Pathways. We have had cat companions for the last 32 years, and I have taken 4 kitties to the vet to be euthanized when the time came for each. I didn’t know about home euthanasia service until a few months ago. And am so so grateful to have found out about it. Callie would never have been so relaxed and peaceful, and involved in the process, had I taken her to the vet. It was just truly amazing to witness. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Caring Pathways and Dr. Emilea. We will never forget how you helped us in saying goodbye to Callie. Forever our gratitude to you.

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