Testimonial from Julie Candia

Dec 4, 2020

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Shiba Inu Jasmine on October 26, 2020. She likely had a brain tumor. We had nearly 16 happy years with her; although, there is never enough time for so much love. We didn’t want her to suffer, but it broke our hearts to let her go and left an emptiness that will be extremely difficult to fill. We didn’t want Jasmine to be euthanized at the veterinary clinic because she was always so fearful and anxious at vet visits. We also didn’t want to traumatize her by moving her again when she was so sick.

Initially, we had no idea that an in-home pet service like Caring Pathways existed, but we are so glad we found them. Correspondence with the staff has been considerate and prompt, and they have been very helpful and understanding. We couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, patient, professional, and kind veterinarian (and person) than Dr. Steve Zachar. He provided such incredible care and made an extremely difficult time as comfortable as possible for our sweet girl and for us. We will love and miss our little Jasmine forever; however, we are grateful that she could spend her last days in the comfort of her home (in her favorite spot), and with her mommy and daddy Tom by her side. As Dr. Steve said, “You did a beautiful thing for her.”

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