Testimonial from Johanna Hayes

Dec 22, 2022

We were referred to you by two different sets of friends who have used your services, so we trusted their recommendation. From the start to the dreadful finish, we were so impressed with your professionalism and kindness. To set the appointment with you all was seamless. Then, when we met Dr. Stacee Kim, she was definitely an angel in a vet uniform. She was kind, gentle, warm, and felt like she was part of our family as she was ushering our Miles out of this life. She gently explained each process to us while also confirming that, as she rubbed his belly, that he had a huge mass there, which assured us that we were doing the right thing. For those final moments, Dr. Kim comforted us while showing so much love to our Miles. His transition was indeed dignified as you all provided a beautiful purple velvet blanket to cover him as my husband and our friend carried him to your van. We knew that Dr. Kim was going to take care of our boy, as she told us so in her final embrace with us. She was so wonderful and we are eternally thankful that it was Dr. Kim, an authentically genuine and empathetic soul, who was there to help us through this difficult process. We simply cannot thank you enough for your touching services for our beloved Miles.

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