Testimonial from Joey Domingue

Sep 20, 2023

Hi I want to thank you for your service for my beautiful Lulu she gave us love for 16 years. She will be missed

She was a furry friend we called Lulu, She didn’t ask to come into our lives, She didn’t require much help or care. She didn’t cost us anything, but a little food, She only asked for some of our love and attention. She didn’t hurt anyone, She only tried to please. All of her life was spent trying to make us happy. She asked so little, but gave so much. She was never too tired, too hungry, never too sick to show us love. In every way possible, She demonstrated her love – with the tilt of her head, her sparkle in her eye, the wag of her tail, How she waited for me to show her attention, so She showed us her love. How She lived like a queen. She was one of our family, a most important part of our lives. Lulu is sadly missed, but we are so much better for her sharing Her life with us.

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