Testimonial from Jodi Urgitus

Nov 21, 2020

Thank you for your kindness and compassion as we made the decision to end our dog’s suffering from lymphoma. Dr. Tara – I believe this is her name but was quite distraught and I may be mistaken – was absolutely wonderful in helping us get through this difficult ordeal. Not only was she extremely professional, but her experience in helping families like us was also apparent. Calm, detailed, and patient, Dr. Tara allowed us the time we needed to say goodbye and end Ace’s suffering. Our sweet golden retriever spent his last moments at home, surrounded by his people, and under the careful eye of Dr. Tara. We are so very grateful for you and for this service.

Chloe, I forgot to mention how important you were to me during this process! As difficult as these emails are to write, making that call to you was the hardest. Your kindness and compassion over the phone were so helpful. You understood my distress and helped me get through it as best as possible. Thank you for that. You are very good at what you do.

Kindest regards,

Jodi Urgitus

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