Testimonial from Jennifer Andrade

Nov 1, 2021

I can not thank the team at Caring Pathways enough. When I got the news early on Saturday morning the my cat was in kidney failure, my husband and I made the tough decision to euthanize our sweet Angel. I reached out to a friend who is very active in the pet rescue community and she highly recommend Caring Pathways. When I made the call to schedule Caring Pathways to come out I was beside myself and the lady that answered the phone so kind, compassionate and caring.

Dr. Eddie arrived at our home Sunday evening, and immediately we felt at ease. He was so kind, patient, gentle and compassionate. He talked with us about Angel for a few minutes and then walked us through the process. When we were “ready” to start the process he was so calm, collected, compassionate and professional. I don’t think Angel even realized that he was a vet. She seemed so comfortable and peaceful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or team to help my sweet girl cross the rainbow bridge.

Thank you so much Dr. Eddie and the team at Caring Pathways you are so appreciated!

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