Testimonial from James Piko

Sep 25, 2021

My first beloved 9 y/o family member Tala, a blue merle Aussie/Blue Healer, contracted an aggressive splenic cancer with lung metastatic spread. She declined rather rapidly and I contacted Caring Pathways for a hospice visit. Not really knowing what to expect, Dr. Kelly came to our home and spent time discussing future options. But also, she was able to write a prescription for oral liquid prednisolone and gabaP to reduce in general my dog’s inflammatory response to tumor, and when needed, a sedative/pain reliever. Tala was able to live another 6 weeks with this fairly comfortably as well as our undivided attention to her daily needs. Finally, she experienced a sudden decline and I scheduled hospice a couple of days out. However that very next morning it became obvious that she was uncomfortable and ready to make her final journey. CP was able to arrange that afternoon rescheduling, for which I am grateful. We spent the final hours with her, then Dr. Suzie arrived to help her pass with dignity in our family’s loving arms. RIP Tala baby girl, and thank you for everything.

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