Testimonial from Cecilia Ortega Lagos

Oct 24, 2022

It has taken me some time to sit down and write this testimonial due to the deep sorrow of losing my Lily puppy and being focused on taking care of her brother Oliver. You see, the little man (Oliver) was so protective of his big sis even though he was only a 7lbs pup. Lily was the sweetest loving animal one could ever come across. Her eyes were filled with wisdom, love, and admiration for the love she had experienced throughout her life. My journey with Caring Pathways started with Lily’s internal medicine doctor, Dr. Timian, at VRCC. When I called crying, all I received back was compassion, and I wish I could remember who I spoke with to thank them because they listened to me for 1/2hr and were simply compassionate. The second phase of my journey was when I opened the door, and there stood Dr. Erin, an Angel who God had chosen to be by our side during this experience. I can’t say enough about Dr. Erin. She walked through the whole experience and asked me about Lily.

Not your typical oh, so she is not feeling well…No! She started from the beginning, and I gave her a glimpse into our fifteen years together and the magical journey we were able to have with this gentle 75lbs puppy who took the name of Lily or mi linda (my beautiful). As we talked, Dr. Erin helped me feed Lily the last bits of wagyu ribeye and coffee ice cream she enjoyed. When it was time, Dr. Erin again walked step by step through what would happen. Right before she was entirely sedated, Lily lifted her head, looked at me, kissed me, and then turned around and kissed my father. She then laid down, and the process started and ended. Dr. Erin helped us through the whole process. I don’t know how we could have gotten through Lily’s passing without her by our side. She was an Angel sent to us. Afterward, Dr. Erin gave us time to be with Lily and was respectful of her as she brought blankets and a stretcher. It was like she was lying there resting. Dr. Erin remembered everything I told her about Lily, and she remembered my parents’ names when she sent me a card sending her most profound condolences. Dr. Erin, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us that day. You were compassionate, loving, and understanding at a time when my heart was broken in a way I didn’t know was possible. Thank you so much. You are an Angel.

To my Lily Puppy: Fifteen years, my Lily puppy. Fifteen years of love you gave me. You were there through everything, mi linda. My heart is so void, Lily. Oliver is finally on track and eating and doing the crazy things he does. We miss you so much but know that you are running around with Pippen, Roxie, Thunder, Luna, and all our family who were waiting for you as you crossed the Rainbow bridge. I love you forever, mi linda. You are in my heart every day, and I know you protect Oliver and me. We went to the Cabrini Shrine the day before you passed, and I pointed out all the bluebirds. The day after you passed, I know that was you on the edge of the balcony coming to say you are happy and at peace in the form of a bluebird. You will forever be next to us. We love you so much, mi linda. Besitos.

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