Testimonial from Beth Martin

Dec 10, 2021

Our elderly Scottie “Polly” had been dealing with a steady progression of challenging and debilitating ailments including a severe heart murmur, blindness, deafness, Cushing’s disease, etc, and then we learned she was also battling bone cancer. Mobility became a serious strain on our little 16-year-old terrier and it became apparent that although our mighty warrior would continue to battle on somehow, she was more miserable than any dog should be. It was time. I contacted Caring Pathways and managed to communicate through tears to schedule a visit from one of their team to help our girl finally find some peace and relief. Things were so much more peaceful since Polly was comfortably ensconced in her favorite spot. As a result, Polly actually enjoyed all the attention from us and peacefully slipped away without pain or added suffering. She was treated with understanding and compassion and left us knowing she had been the best of friends and loved beyond measure. I highly recommend the team at Caring Pathways immensely and when the time comes again, I will ask for their compassionate expertise again.

Thank you so very much,
Beth Martin

P.S. I’d like to especially thank Dr. Emilea Burton for her patience and understanding with both Polly and me.

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