Testimonial from Ashley Hurtgen

May 12, 2022

I have fiercely loved Woody from the moment I first held him almost 13 years ago. Woody flew in from California on a frontier flight as a ten week old bundle of furry love. When the handler opened up his travel crate and I scooped him into my arms, that was it. My heart exploded and his fate was sealed. Woody is a mamas boy. Our bond is unbreakable. A piece of my heart belongs to him and he took that piece with him yesterday when the day had come to say goodbye. I will miss him until the end of time. Forever my heart dog.

Woody has been a constant presence in our family for such a long time. Always our faithful best friend. Always by our side in the big moments, the small moments and everything in between. He watched his boys grow up, graduate and start their own lives. He was here when his little girl came home from China, she’s not known a day without him. He’s traveled long roads with us, swam in countless lakes and rivers with us, walked thousands of miles with us, eaten meals with us, watched movies on the couch with us and laid down at night with us. He is gentle, sweet, playful, clever, brave, courageous, beautiful, special, loyal and the kindest most loving creature on Gods earth. Woody gave his whole heart to all of us. My tears of sadness could fill an ocean. We are forever blessed that he was ours and we were his.

My precious Woody. Enjoy the sparkling lakes and the warm sunshine. Collect all the big sticks and nap in the shady spot under the trees. Swim after the ducks that you’ll never catch but feel the joy in trying. Run in the fields and make new friends with the bunnies and prairie dogs. Eat all of the french fries and ripe bananas. Find the moonlight and have sweet dreams every night.

Thank you for always loving us. Your dad, your boys, and your little girl love you so much. Your mama loves you forever ❤️

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