Testimonial from Annie Mirabella

Mar 8, 2021

I thought my 17 year old kitty Charlotte would make it one more night and I would have had another company come the next day to help her on her journey. As it got later, it was clear that Charlotte was ready to go. I called Caring Pathways and they said they could have someone to me within about 2 hours.

Dr. Lori came to my apartment and immediately put me at ease. Her calm and professional demeanor helped assure me that Charlotte was ready to go and that I was making the right decision for my sweet kitty. Dr Lori explained each step to me, letting me ask questions if I had them. Charlotte’s last moments with me, witnessed by my best friend and Dr. Lori, were as peaceful and beautiful as they could have been. It was a blessed experience.

Dr. Lori gave me time alone with Charlotte before she came back up to do her paw print and to take her body. She wrapped my darling kitty up in a cozy basket with blankets and took such gentle care with her.

I was dreading the end of Charlotte’s life. She had been with me for nearly half my life and was my dearest companion. Dr. Lori took amazing care of both of us. I also received a hand-written note from Dr. Lori not long after our difficult but lovely evening together. It was a truly special experience and one I will treasure. Thank you to Dr. Lori and Caring Pathways.


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