Testimonial from Anna Wiggers

Feb 22, 2022

Today we lost our sweet and beloved 18 year old cat. We called her Baby because by the time she came along we had so many pets no one could come up with a name and so we called her the Baby and it stuck. Having a kidney issue, her health declined quickly and I called caring pathways on a Saturday afternoon. Despite having phone trouble, they got back to me promptly and scheduled our procedure for Sunday 1030-1130. Dr. Graves arrived on time and without rushing us through any part of process, helped our Baby cross the rainbow bridge. She took care to make sure our baby wasn’t feeling any pain and let us have our emotions when it was done while she waited in her car. We wrapped her in a soft pink blanket and she let my son carry her to the car and they tucked her into a sweet little basket. Dr. Graves had a grief coloring book for young children which she left for my granddaughter. The paperwork was all done efficiently ahead of time which I deeply appreciated. They will transport Baby to the aftercare and have arranged to bring her ashes back to our local vet. I can’t say enough about Dr. Graves. Her caring and pleasant demeanor made all the difference on this very difficult day. My family can’t thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time.

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