Susan & Mary

Feb 23, 2018

Dr. Lowery, Dr. Smith & Caring Pathways,

There are no words to express our deep felt thanks to Caring Pathways, and in particular, Dr. Smith & Dr. Lowery for what you did for Pearl and for us during this very difficult time.

Dr. Smith, you worked with us for over a year. You are truly an amazing doctor as well as person. You were so informative, patient, and gentle. Your words helped us to know when to make this very difficult decision. When the time came to put Pearl down, Dr. Lowery came to our home. She was truly astonishing. She took all the time that was necessary to get us through this very sad time. The word “compassion” doesn’t begin to describe Dr. Lowery’s response to the situation. It was so impressive watching her with Pearl. It meant so much to us the way she treated Pearl throughout the procedure. When she placed Pearl on the stretcher, covered her, leaving her head out, it was as though Pearl was taking a nap. This was so kind and caring.

When we felt Caring Pathways had done everything they could do to help us through this difficult time, we received a card with a personalized note from Dr. Lowery, a donation card in Pearl’s name and a beautiful heartfelt “Rainbow Message”. There are no words to express how Mary & I felt about Dr. Smith, Dr. Lowery and the Caring Pathways organization. We are so grateful to all of you.

Susan & Mary

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