Stefanie Olson

Feb 23, 2018

Hi there, my name is Stefanie Olson, and yesterday Dr. Muhovich came to my house to put my cat Tigger to sleep. I just wanted to let you guys know how incredible she was. She was so kind, so gentle, so sweet, so informative and I felt completely comfortable with her. While Tigger was on my chest and she was beginning the process my other cat Moxie was laying next to me and she paid just as much attention to Moxie as she it did to Tigger. She made it so easy and it was so incredibly peaceful. Afterward she let me lay with Tigger for almost 45 minutes. While she waited on me she sat upstairs and spoke with my husband and was so patient with us. She even allowed me to use her stethoscope to listen to make sure his heart had stopped. When she left and took him she was gentle and sweet and caring. She had a wonderful basket and blanket she wrapped him in and I felt okay knowing he was going with her. If I ever need assistance with my other cat, or I have friends or family that needs your services she will be my first recommendation. I hope you guys know what a wonderful vet you have in her.

With gratitude,
Stefanie Olson

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