Feb 23, 2018

Dear Caring Pathways,

On Sunday, July 30, 2017, we were faced with a very difficult decision regarding our best friend and fury family member, Drake. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and the large tumor became so uncomfortable that the pain medication was no longer able to keep him comfortable. That morning, I knew that it would be my last day with my best friend and companion of 11.5 years. Unfortunately, our veterinarian was closed and we were faced with waiting until Monday and letting him suffer another night, or find another option. I searched mobile pet euthanasia and your company’s website was revealed. From the moment I called to schedule the visit, my worries were placed at ease as your super sweet and relaxed receptionist showed me great concern and care. The visit was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and we spent the rest of the day loving on Drake and making him “King for the Day!” Although, our five year old son has correctly reminded us that “Drake is king every day!”

At approximately 6:57 p.m., Dr. Kary Walters called me and said that she was a few minutes away and apologized for being a few minutes behind. When she arrived, we immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Walters as she was extremely caring, soft spoken and drove the same truck (make and color) that we have and where Drake had spent so much of his time with us on our adventures. Dr. Walters spent considerable time with our family getting to know us, know Drake and explain every ounce of the process. She also made it very easy for us to grieve, be ourselves and say good-bye to the greatest pet that I have ever owned and the first pet that my young family has ever known. She was amazing!! She is such a special person!! I am very thankful that she came to our aid that day. Saying good-bye is never easy, but she made the process one that cannot be made any better.

While I hope that I do not need your services anytime in the near future, I will always remember the amazing care that Dr. Walters provided on that day. Please thank her from the Rider Family & Drake!


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