Lori & Scott Sorg

Feb 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Larry,
I knew from the moment I opened the front door that it was going to be ok. In front of me stood a kind hearted soul that God sent to help me that early morning. I can’t thank you enough for healping me and my sweet “Murray”. You brought peace into my house from the moment you walked in. You weren’t only there to help Murray but you were there to help me. I never imagined that the decesion to put down my furry companion could be so loving and memorable. I didn’t want to feel guilty or unsure of my decision. You let me know that it was the right decision- the most loving act a pet owner could make. Thank you for the book. I have read it and am journaling my thoughts. I am mourning, remembering, and beginning to heal. I am so gald you listened to the Lord that night. You are certainly doing God’s work. May God conintue to bless you and Caring Pathways!

Lori & Scott Sorg

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