Feb 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Lowery and the Caring Pathways Team, I want to thank you so much for all you did to help me with Belle in the last couple of days of her life. I can’t quite find adequate words to express how I feel. You, Dr. Lowery, and the staff at Caring Pathways are wonderful, and my beloved Belle was treated so tenderly with much compassion and respect. I will never forget that Sunday evening. And it was your day off too. I appreciate all you did for us more than I can say.

Belle was my companion for a long time. She was such a great girl to have around and the best company. Belle came to me in the spring of 2002. I had lost two elderly Brittany’s the year before. My husband had died prematurely the year before that, so there was a lot of loss in my life there for a while. So when Belle came along she was just what I needed in my life. She was energetic, happy, and fun. She ran like the wind when she was young and was my walking partner for many, many years.

I miss her so very much and my cat misses her too. He’s been sleeping on her bed lately quite a bit. In her later years, Belle became the most gentle and loving companion. She was my very best friend and I could always depend on her. My memories of Belle over these many years are so very warm and always will remain close to my heart.

Thank you again, Dr. Lowery, for your condolences and for helping me with my friend at the end of her life.

Very Sincerely,

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