David & Marcia

Feb 23, 2018

Dr. Magnuson (and the rest of the Caring Pathways staff): Marcia and I wanted to send you an email mostly saying thank you for the service you provide. It’s got to be as difficult for you as it is for many pet owners. Dr. Magnuson helped us with our sick dog, Keziah (Kezzie) recently (New Year’s eve) and we are very thankful that someone like him exists. Euthanizing a pet is a very difficult decision filled with many emotions, not least of which is guilt (“am I doing this too soon and depriving my beloved dog from more happy times?”; “did I wait too long and let her suffer too much?”). From the point he arrived at our home, until he left, Dr. Magnuson had the perfect demeanor, full of compassion, caring and understanding. Prior to his arrival, Marcia and I said a prayer over our beloved Kezzie, thanking God for the incredible gift he had given us and years we did get to spend with her. We shared at that moment how the relationship between a dog and its owner is much like how the relationship between humans and God is meant to be. Our dogs love us unconditionally, they revere us, they fear us, they look to us for guidance, for care, and they show complete trust in us. We believe this is how we should treat God. Dr. Magnuson shared a similar sentiment shortly after he arrived. I think Marcia and I were both too emotional at that point to reply, but that meant a lot to us. We also loved the card you sent afterward. That was a blessing as well! Again, thank you for your service! Take care, David & Marcia

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