Dave & Erin Lillich

Feb 23, 2018

We were recommended by two of our friends that Caring Pathways was a wonderful service that helped them immensely when they had to make the tough decisions to put their pets to sleep. We had the exact same experience. Calling them was one of the hardest things we’ve done, but from the get-go, they were amazing. The kind person who helped me on the phone in just making the appointment let me know right away that this was the right service. Dr. Walters showed up right on time, and her immense warmth and professionalism immediately put us at ease. Our boy, Sue, took to her right away, and even our cats came out and demanded her affection, which made us smile. She walked us through everything, and there was no rush at all. We felt very special and taken care of, and I couldn’t believe how peaceful the process was. She left us with some great literature – I’ve read the booklet on grief extensively, it was a huge help and probably the best thing I’ve read on pet grief and healing thus far. She had soft blankets and even a little pillow on the stretcher she brought to take him away – it was so sweet. We received Sue’s ashes just this morning, in a beautiful box and bag – the pawprint we got back even had his name stamped on it. We also received a hand-written card that meant such a great deal to us. I can’t say enough how extremely cathartic and peaceful the process was thanks to Dr. Walters and her team, and how much closure it gave us to be able to be with him in an environment he loved. I was extremely impressed with the after care and grief literature they offer. They truly seem to understand that while our focus is saying goodbye in the best way possible to our little family members, we need to be taken care of a little bit too.

I can’t recommend this service enough, and I’m so grateful they were here with us. We miss you everyday, our sweet beautiful big guy, but we’re grateful we got to say goodbye to you in the way we felt you deserved.

Thank you again, Dr. Walters and Caring Pathways!

Dave & Erin Lillich

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