Chandler Family

Apr 17, 2019

I wanted to thank everyone at this office for what they do. On 4/5/19 we had Steve come out to help Zoey continue her journey to the rainbow bridge. I don’t think we could have gotten anyone more kind and gentle. He sat with us for quite a while, letting Zoey get to know him and listening to stories from the whole family. He gave us all the information for grieving cats and for your counselors if we had a hard time coping.

The way he explained how her body may react was very reassuring and quite calming. He loved on Zoey as she fought to stay awake against the anesthesia, 2 doses! Once asleep he moved her body into a more comfortable position, one she hadn’t been able to do herself for a while now, and he let us cry over her as she slept. He was kind and patient while we said our goodbye as he prepared the final shot. And once she was gone he quietly exited the house to let us have a final goodbye. He didn’t come back in until we were ready and reassured us she wasn’t hurting any more. He helped me shave off her big red spot shed had since birth to put in a shadow box and we lifted her to the stretcher for him to take. He moved her so gently and so kindly that even if she were still there she probably wouldn’t have woken up to see what as going on. The way he had wrapped her up in the beautiful blanket would have had her snoring in an instant. He was so gentle as he tucked her in and made sure our final moments of seeing her only seemed like she was sleeping in a snuggly Zoey burrito with a fluffy pillow. There was no part about his visit that wasn’t filled with kindness and understanding and that man will forever be in our memories and hearts.

The card sent to us by Steve and the others at Caring Pathways made all of us cry yet again and it now sits proudly next to her shadow box. My father, a semi truck driver and not very emotional, said he wanted to hug Steve and
thank him so much for how he had helped our girl and our family. There are no regrets in calling your office and making that appointment, I don’t think there was a better way, or better people, to do this for our family and we thank you, all of you, for everything you do for people and pets and we hope the kindness showed to our family and Zoey comes back around to hug all of you there. Thank you very much and I wish all of you to continue having the strength to hold people together during their final moments with their pets and all the love in the world.

The Chandler Family

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