A Testimonial from Rachel

Feb 28, 2024

Our darling boy, Whatley (12), developed a mass in his jaw and we decided to pursue surgery to remove it with his regular vet. While waiting for the surgery, Whatley rapidly declined. The mass burst, his back legs gave out, and my normally clingy boy separated himself from us – hiding in the bathroom shower. On the Saturday before the surgery, he glared at me with his cloudy eyes and gave me such a look that told me, “it’s time”. A friend recommended Caring Pathways to help make some tough decisions. When I called, they were so kind and walked me through the pathway to care assessment and comforted me through my tears.

On Sunday, Dr. Stacee Kim and Dr. Chris Hoppe arrived at our home. They asked me so many wonderful questions about my biggest, goodest boy (his life, his health, what he loved etc…) and they explained the entire process. They reassured us about our decision process. With hands wrapped around his big body, outside in the sunshine and breezy air, I was able to comfort and help Whatley to the Rainbow Bridge. Once Whatley passed, Dr. Kim and Dr. Hoppe gave us time and space to be with him before he left us.

The entire experience, as much it was incredibly sad, was comforting and peaceful. There is no doubt I would use them again – although I hope those days are far in the future.

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