Sheena Bella

Dec 9, 2019

Our best friend – Sheena Bella is missed so much and we have some happiness knowing that Sheena is no longer suffering pain. We like to think that she is in place where her favorite things are in great abundance, and she is enjoying trails made of cheese, bacon and peanut butter with many dog friends to play with. And most of all Sheena has unlimited numbers of rabbits and squirrels to chase for as long as she desires. My 12.5 years with Sheena will be a great time that I will never forget.


She was my best friend and knew me better than I knew myself. She felt what I felt and our two hearts will always be as one! Mommy loves you Sheena Bella always and forever…You will always be remembered in my thoughts and heart. I’ll will see you again one day…

Love, Marjorie, Don, Amanda, Molly and Bradley

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