Feb 23, 2018

My beautiful kitty, Romeo, who led such a full life of 17 years, passed away May 8, 2017. She was the smartest cat I’ve ever had. She entertained us, loved us, and we loved her. From her tiny little squeak of a meow, to her paw tapping our shoulder when she wanted extra attention, she was adored. Even though her passing was so sudden, and completely unexpected, I am blessed knowing that I gave her all I could give in this life. From the moment I adopted her, until her final breath, I am grateful that I was by her side every moment. Loving a pet is very deep, and profound. Losing a pet rocks your world. But there is great comfort knowing that your pet is truly in a wonderful place now. I love you, Romeo, my sweet, beautiful girl. I will miss you.

Love always, Wendy Meyer

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