Pet Tributes

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Bailey who’s nick name was Engergizer Bunny lived a wonderful life of 14 years and 2 months. Her favorite event of any day was to get into her kiddy pool and if it was not weather for the pool then it was rolling in the snow until there was no more snow in that spot.…



The 13.5 years that we spent with our Golden Retreiver, Aran, went by way too quickly. Aran spent many happy hours with us retrieving balls. She loved the water and swam with her head held high doing a graceful doggie paddle. Sadly in the fall of 2014 we came to realize that our magnificent pet…



December 31, 2014. I lost a loved one today. Hercules. We parted ways this morning. The decision to bring the suffering of a loved one to an end is never easy. I hope I did right by you Hercules because you, my furry 10 lb. canine, have taught me how to be a better human.…



A Pet’s Prayer by Hope Harrington Kolb My people are so precious, Lord; I know You think so too… And I believe You put me here To love them just for You! They take such gentle care of me And have such tender hearts. Please use me, Lord to comfort them Whenever tear drops start.…



Lilla was a great buddy we did lots of road trips and she love to hike and chase rabbits thats the beagle in her when she couldn’t hike I started to flat water kayak with her we will miss her dearly in my heart I know she had great life and lots of loving care…