Pet Tributes

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Tula (01/13/2012 – 07/27/2016)

I want to thank caring pathways and Dr. Joann for helping us let our princess pass on to heaven. She has been my best friend and companion for four short years and we have done just about everything together. She has helped me through some of my hardest times and i hope she knew that…


Tiffani Lahey

What can I say about my beautiful balloon princess….you were the best baby in the world. So smart we had to spell words until in time you figured those out. You were such a big part of our heart for 13 years. Taught us so much about love. You were with us in happy and…



On August 28, 2015, I had to say goodbye to my baby girl, Lilly. She was a 10 1/2 year old cocker spaniel. Lilly was “THE” greatest dog I could ever ask for. When I 1st got Lilly she was 2 months old. Lilly loved playing in the snow, walking to the park, dingos(rawhide treats)…



Belle was my first baby. When I was looking for a kitty to love she was the first one I saw and I loved her right then and there. She was full of personality, a true Himalayan, She had many sides to her. She was loving, sassy, and playful. Se loved to sleep right above…


Duke and Maggie

It’s only been 98 hours since Duke, our super sweet, long-haired German Shepherd (12 y.o.), and Maggie (17 y.o), the shepherd mix “Dingo” who touched 1,000 lives, crossed the rainbow bridge in our backyard. Duke has never known life without his beloved Maggie, and they were truly best friends. These dogs have moved across the…



Haas: my furry kid, my best friend, my companion, Tomorrow ends our physical journey together and I am beyond heartbroken. Almost 10 years ago, you survived Hurricane Rita and several tornadoes that touched down in your hometown of Hackberry, LA. One day, in all that devastation, you sat on my feet, put your head down…



From the beginning when I sat down at the Pet Shelter and Zo ran up to me to greet me, I knew she was something special. The shelter allows cats to roam the premises and out in the yard. Out of all of the cats there, Zo came over and said hello. From that point…



September 18, 1999 – April 11, 2015 Boomer came into my life in October 2006 when he was 7 years old. He had been an unwanted third dog of a friend of my friend Christi, and she brought him to my home after her dog Jake died. I was Boomer’s third owner. From what I…



My dog Cowboy gave us 13 years of love, love and more love. I will miss him always, for his spirit will live on forever. Thank you, Del Bolack.