Pet Tributes

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The morning of March 17th, 2015 at 3:30am, my whole world turned upside down when my husband and I had to rush my dog Zeb to the animal hospital. All of a sudden he couldn’t walk and was very weak. When the nurses let me know that he had cancer and internal bleeding I had…



In Memoriam – Zo – 2000-2015 – “Unconditional love is universally paramount!”



Our beautiful girl, Stella, just lost her battle with bone cancer at the end of February, 2015. She lived to be 12 years old and we are grateful for every moment she spent with us. When she was just a puppy of just one year old, she had TPLO surgery and lived most of her…



My Little Man was such a special friend. He was his own unique spirit. We all miss him dearly. I miss seeing him play, but I know he is a brilliant field somewhere with all of our family and loved ones. We love you Paco and I know I will see you again on the…



After almost 17 years, we said good to one of my very best friends. Callisto was named after a character on the old show Xena warrior princess that we watched with our children, and she was a sweet, very loving beagle. She was also very smart and strong willed, and as such, she pretty much…



Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion that you showed my family during a very difficult time. Dr. Amy Coulter came to our house quickly and professionally to assist Shotze’s euthanasia. Dr. Coulter went above my expectations. What was thought to be a scary situation for my daughters turned out to be a…



Roxy our dear sweet girl, From the moment we laid eyes on you we knew your were meant to be part of our family. You couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Your sweet and loving nature left an impression of everyone you touched. We could not be more grateful and thankful for everyday of the…



Bailey who’s nick name was Engergizer Bunny lived a wonderful life of 14 years and 2 months. Her favorite event of any day was to get into her kiddy pool and if it was not weather for the pool then it was rolling in the snow until there was no more snow in that spot.…



The 13.5 years that we spent with our Golden Retreiver, Aran, went by way too quickly. Aran spent many happy hours with us retrieving balls. She loved the water and swam with her head held high doing a graceful doggie paddle. Sadly in the fall of 2014 we came to realize that our magnificent pet…



December 31, 2014. I lost a loved one today. Hercules. We parted ways this morning. The decision to bring the suffering of a loved one to an end is never easy. I hope I did right by you Hercules because you, my furry 10 lb. canine, have taught me how to be a better human.…