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Pet Tributes

Every pet's story deserves to be heard. Please contact us via email to share your precious companion's story on our pet tributes page, or our pet memorial page on Instagram.



In 2004 we brought our new family member home and our lives were never the same. Cheyenne was a fiercely loyal, energetic, sweet, loving companion for 15 years. She loved to hike, swim, camp, travel, play with toys in the backyard, play with her best dog friend Beauty, and go for walks. She was never…

Quigley_10.5 yrs old_11.10.17


My Quigley. My constant steadfast and ever present companion, the love of my life, the funniest, handsomest, sweetest, sometimes naughtiest, fluffiest, and most handsome boy… You are one of the most amazing and beautiful spirits I’ve ever known. You were my Velcro boy dog that ate more bad things than imaginable and lived to torture…

Toby Christmas


Toby was a stray that came into our lives shortly after my Dad crossed over in 2003. He was a loving and faithful companion for my Mom until 2010 when she went into long term care. Toby came to live with me then. Toby loved trips to Grand Lake and car rides to get ice…



I am beyond grateful for Alexis coming out to make the worst day of our lives a little bit more bearable.  We couldn’t have asked for a better send off for our dear sweet and very handsome 9 year old bulldog/boxer Tanner.  He was very loved and will be missed by many.



This is our beautiful Midget. He had a very rough start to his life, but ended up having a beautiful 17 years with our family. Your quirky and loving ways will be missed. Rest in peace my beautiful.

McLovin March 2017


McLovin, most people knew him as Dude, passed away peacefully Monday morning. Dude was a sweet and beautiful dog, he was an athlete, ran fast, lean and whippet like. He was brindle and had soft fur and a big ruff around his neck. Dude was always a quiet, patient and calm dog, seemingly aloof, but…

Dudley Johnson


Dudley– I feel so blessed to have been your dog mommy for 17 amazing years! I picked your sweet little face out of the litter when you were an itty bitty 8 week old, and we created memories that will last me the rest of my life. I will forever miss you and I will…



Our sweet Jackson went to heaven today in our home being loved on by his family. He literally died with his face in the palm of B’s hand. I can’t think of a better way to go! 💙 We got Jackson when he was just 5 weeks old, his mother died during the birth so…



October 27, 2008-December 22, 2018 I’ll never forget the day I met my beautiful boy. The breeder asked me to choose which pup I wanted out of the litter. I had him close the crate they were in and then open it. Mogely came right to me while all the other pups mingled together. I…



Walter “Peyton” Good Boy Christiansen was laid to rest on May 26, 2018. He was born in Colorado in the summer of 2006. He was a howler and a beggar and the best dog we ever had.  He was a comforter and a snuggler. He survived eating a burbar rug, drywall, a whole Easter basket…


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