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We recently lost our beloved 9-1/2 year old bullmastiff named Jack Landin. We used Caring Pathways services and was comforted by Dr. Kelly Knoll during our time of loss. She was wonderful to work with during such a difficult time. We received Jack’s ashes today and would love to honor him on your website. A…



Rufus was a love bug. That’s the best way to describe him. If he had been a person he would’ve been one of those people who glided through life, carefree and happy, never saying an unkind word about anyone. True, he was skittish around strangers, but I felt honored to be the one he trusted…



The day I walked into the Aurora animal shelter 14 years ago I could never have known how strongly it would effect not just my life but the life of my husband and 3 daughters as well. Walking through the kennels seeing all those sweet dogs just wanting someone to take them home I wondered…


Opie Satchmo Hanuman Pugadeus Muttzart Behl

7/4/2004-6/21/2016 My dog snuffles damp leaves I stand close by Leashed at the heart Staccato toenails on the sidewalk Ears flop in syncopated time Footsteps keep the back beat



I feel very remiss in not writing before this. When we made the most difficult decision to let go of our most precious boy Teak I was recommended to you by my neighbor Emily. Our kitty Teak was so much more than just a pet. He had given us joy for almost 24 years. When…


Maggie Parks

I Had Steak Today! It was a good day, one of my best. I had a steak today, one prepared just for me. It was not a couple of bites of table scraps, or even one of the delicious juicy bones that dad often gives me at the end of our family barbecues. It was…



Tasha Tasha was more than just the best dog in the world. She was a daughter and a sister in our family, and losing her is perhaps one of the hardest things we’ve ever gone through. In the 14 years we had her in our lives, Tasha wrapped herself so tightly around her hearts that…


Willie Gilbert

Thank you so so much for your caring ways and the time you spent with us. You were so gentle and so there for us. I miss him terribly, and Lucy is lonely but not looking for him.

bounder johnston

Bounder Johnston

When we went to pick out a rescue dog in 2006 I asked for an “older, sweet dog who’s struggling here”. They brought out Bounder. At 3 or 4 years old, “Boog” was just that, a sweetie who just wanted to be somebody’s dog. He stuck to me like glue and remained that way until…



Our beloved dog Georgie who we had to part with in April 2016 at 12 1/2 is still such a void in our lives. Our family adored him and his favorite place as this picture represents was laying in the stream and shaking all over us! Caring Pathways was absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have asked…