Feb 23, 2018

Feb 2001 – Oct 9, 2017

My beloved Kitty passed away October 9, 2017. She was never supposed to be my cat. We met by accident and our life together was the happiest accident I’ve ever had. I found her running around the streets, and assumed she was lost. I took her home and tried to find her humans, but to no avail. I knew nothing about cats, but that first night she explored my apartment and then curled up on my lap and fell asleep. She had a wonderfully feisty personality and loved to play. Her favorites included hiding in pizza boxes and attacking through the cutout, sneak attacking me from behind open doors, amazing feats of acrobatics with feather-on-a-stick and the classic cat favorite- laser pointer. She was with me for over 16 years. While she got slower and eventually preferred cuddling me to sneak attacking me, she never lost her playful spirit. She was my dearest little fur friend and every day with her was a gift. We moved across the state & country together and she was with me through grad school, my first job, hurricane evacuations, getting married and countless other milestones. As a child my father copied and illustrated a line from a poem for a school project. Soon after I got Kitty he framed it and gave it to me. It was a perfect description of her. “Her conscious tail her joy declared; The fair round face, the snowy beard, the velvet on her paw. Her coat that with the tortoise vies, her ears of jet and emerald eyes. She saw and purred applause” She was blessed with good health until very nearly the end. We spent her last day watching the snow fall, cuddling and being with each other before she passed at sunset. Our life together ended the way it started- just us two. I was able to give her the best passing possible with Caring Pathways. The loss of her is devastating, but it helps so much to know she didn’t suffer, and she had such a peaceful and gentle passing.
I will miss her so much.

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