Oct 22, 2020

A few weeks ago I had to put down my emotional support animal Frankie… it was already one of the toughest decisions and hardest things I had to go through but Dr. Kristen made it as good as it could be considering the circumstances. It was not rushed at all. She came to our home and asked questions about Frankie, my favorite memories, his nicknames, and then a few days later I received a nice card with a very nice and personalized message. Doing this at home let him be more comfortable and not have to go into the vet which no pets like. They then left us alone for a few minutes to say goodbye. She came back in with a basket and I put Frankie in there and tucked him into the blankets. If you love your pet I recommend doing this. It’s easier on the pet and people. And these doctors care and don’t rush the process.

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