Kaity Sisk, DVM

Dr. Kaity grew up in Colorado and has always wanted to be a veterinarian. She found her love of animals early on: at 4 years old she was helping her mom raise angora rabbits for their fiber and showing them in 4H. She has had quail, ferrets, a horse, goats, chickens, tarantulas, a snake, you name it. She loves them all.

She went to undergraduate university in Boulder at the University of Colorado and majored in Molecular biology and Ecology. She then spent the next 5 years deciding when was the right time to go to veterinary school after living in Telluride for 4 years. She is passionate about the human animal bond, hiking, snowsports, river sports, softball, loving nature and trying to save the planet with her husband Jade (one electric vehicle and one solar panel at a time). She has 4 fur babies and 6 feathered friends all named after food!

Fear Free Certified

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