There is nothing quite like being in a space that is full of grief and love.

There is something in the air that cannot be present in any other place. There is a heaviness yet a lightness. There is sadness yet laughter and love. Grief is simply the reaction we have to loving someone who we can no longer see. What a blessing to be able to express it along side others.

What did your pet teach you? What do you hear, smell and feel when you think of them? How will you honor them? Beautiful questions asked of people who are grieving in a space together; trying to maintain connection with someone they can no longer touch.

The Second Annual Pet Memorial Ceremony was beautiful. Mary Jo did an amazing job of facilitating thought and conversation. Tracy did an amazing job of giving participants an opportunity for cathartic activity. Becky and Seven Stones provided a beautiful and peaceful space to grieve.

SO many beautiful stories were shared and many tears of love were shed. Each time we speak their names, their memory is honored and they are brought into our space again.

We look forward to continuing to tell their stories and speak their names.

A big thank you to Seven Stones Cemetery for hosting the event. Click here to visit their website to learn more about Seven Stones

Thank you to Mary Jo Honiotes for leading a beautiful ceremony.

Thank you Tracy Eagle from ArtRocks!, for donating your talents and leading us in a beautiful rock painting activity.

Thank you Ashley Larson and the Human Animal Bond Trust for donating refreshments.

About the Author

Mandi Browning is the Grief Support Specialist at Caring Pathways. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in thanatology (death, dying and bereavement). Her heart is to help and guide you through this end of life journey of grief with your precious companion.

Mandy kissing mabel the cat
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