Written by: Mandi Browning

Mabel has been doing well since her last vet appointment in the Spring. Her kidney levels had decreased again and she looks good overall. She has a bit of a heart murmur now but that is to be expected of an almost 18 year old cat.

Mabel now has another human baby sister and seems to be ok with it! She went from hiding in the basement all the time to actually hanging out with us again! She is also tolerating her 2 year old human sister pretty well!

I do worry about her. Our first kitty began having health issues at this age and was ultimately diagnosed with cancer at 19. Mabel sleeps about 23 hours of the day but still loves a good pet and lap cuddle. And although she is pretty much deaf, she can somehow hear the treat bad open from three rooms away.

I know that our time with her is limited. I am hoping she has a few years left with us. She is my baby. She was with me when I lost a pregnancy, when I graduated college, through the birth of both of my daughters, and the deaths of many people I love dearly. She is my rock and my best friend. I can’t imagine life without her.

For now, I will watch her sleep peacefully on my furry gray blanket, give her treats at bed time and try to keep the toddler from picking her up. Right now, she is here and healthy and I will focus on that.

To hear the background of Mabel and Mandi’s journey, click here to watch their video.

If you have a pet in a similar situation to Mabel please visit our In-Home Pet Hospice Care page.

About the Author

Mandi Browning is the Grief Support Specialist at Caring Pathways. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in thanatology (death, dying and bereavement). Her heart is to help and guide you through this end of life journey of grief with your precious companion.


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