As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to celebrate our beloved senior dogs with thoughtful and comforting gifts. Aging pups deserve extra love and care, and choosing the right gifts can make a world of difference in their comfort and happiness. We’ve compiled a curated list of 17 heartwarming gift ideas tailored specifically for senior dogs. From cozy resting spots to engaging toys and helpful accessories, these gifts are designed to provide comfort, enrichment, and joy to your aging canine companions.

1. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Give your senior dog the gift of comfort with an orthopedic dog bed.

Link to Purchase Orthopedic Dog Bed

2. Heated Dog Bed

Keep your pup warm and soothe their joints with a heated bed.

Link to Purchase Heated Dog Bed

3. Adjustable Elevated and Tilted Food/Water Bowls

Enhance mealtime comfort with adjustable tilted food bowls.

Link to Purchase Elevated Bowls

4. Snuffle Mat

Mental enrichment for your dog – hide treats and toys for a fun activity.

Link to Purchase Snuffle Mat

5. Cozy Dog Coat

Warm and fuzzy coats for those chilly winter days.

Link to Purchase Cozy Coat

6. Pupsicle Treat/Toy

Entertain your dog with a popsicle-style treat-toy.

Link to Purchase Pupsicle Treat

7. Heat Wrap for Dogs

Soothe sore joints with a microwave-heated wrap.

Link to Purchase Heat Wrap

8. Intro to Nose Work Online Course

Engage your dog’s senses with online nose work training.

Link to Purchase Intro to Nose Work Online Course

9. Look Up In-Person Scent-Work Classes

Find in-person scent-work classes in your area for mental stimulation.

10. Relaxing Massage Therapy Session

Treat your pup to a relaxing massage therapy session with our very own Nurse Becky!

11. Sniffspot

Rent a safe space for off-leash playtime.

Link to Rent a Space

12. Water Fountain

Encourage hydration with a moving source of water.

Link for Water Fountain Ideas

13. Foot Stool

Provide a safe way for your dog to join you on the couch.

Link to Purchase Foot Stool

14. Just Food for Dogs Variety Pack

Treat your pup to a special holiday meal.

Link to Purchase Special Meal

15. Non-Skid Food Mat

Ensure mealtime comfort with a non-skid food mat.

Link to Purchase Non Skid Food Mat

16. Bully Stick Holder

Safely enjoy chew treats with this holder.

Link to Purchase Bully Stick Holder

17. Washable Non-Skid Potty Pads

Eco-friendly alternative to disposable pee-pads.

Link to Purchase Washable Non-Skid Potty Pads

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