September 9th is National Pet Memorial Day. This year, Caring Pathways, Seven Stones Botanical Garden Cemetery and Mary Jo Honiotes partnered to provide a memorial event for people to celebrate and remember their animal companions. People came together to meet, support and walk with each other in their grief journeys on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. They shared tears and laughter and most importantly, they shared their grief journeys.

Pet Memorial

Participants were able to paint rocks in memory of their beloved companions thanks to Tracy Eagle and her generous donation of rocks and paints. It was a cathartic and artistic way to express the love that people still have for these amazing animals. Attendees also were able to engage in luminary bags, the memorial table and open discussion about their memories and struggles.

Pet Memorial Rocks

Seven Stones allowed people to spread the ashes of their loved pets in the pet cemetery and many had pets from years ago. What a beautiful thing it was to see them laying those sweet pets to rest with the mountains in the background and the birds chirping nearby.

Seven Stones Cemetery

We are so thankful to all of those amazing individuals that came out to not only celebrate their own animal companions, but to help others do the same. Grief is a common denominator. Although it may feel differently to us all, we all feel grief in some way and it helps to be with others that are grieving.

Pet Memorial

We look forward to offering this event in the years to come.

Visit Seven Stones Cemetery’s website for more information on their pet cemetery options: www.discoversevenstones.com

Written By: Mandi Browning

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