August 17th, 2022

Black cat appreciation day is here! Time to celebrate all things black cat and learn a little more about the wonderful world of “house panthers”.

Dr. Kerry’s black cat, Snowball

Black cats are among the most common color of cats seen in the U.S. While some believe they are less likely to be adopted they are actually seen in shelters and adopted out as well in proportion to their numbers in the general cat population.

Black cats go with all decors. As a nice neutral color they are happy to have a space on a couch or a bed of any color. That seems to be true of most cats of all colors, it would seem. Black cats are considered to be signs of luck in various cultures.

Black cats are easily named after a variety of synonyms for black like Onyx, and Coal. They can also be ironically named like my own cat Snowball. Black cats are common in Halloween decor but make good home companions all 365 days of the year.

Black cats may be male or female. While calicos are overwhelmingly female and orange tabbies are disproportionately male, there is no gender predisposition with black coat color.

Owning a black cat can help hone your photography skills, especially when looking for the perfect shot on a different background.

Dr. Kerry’s black cat, Snowy

Here is to black cats and their loving families, celebrate!

Written by:

Dr. Kerry Muhovich
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