Caring Pathways provides pet hospice care to the Denver, CO community, bringing the compassionate end-of-life treatment that we’ve come to expect in human medicine into the veterinary world.

As a pet owner, your four-legged companion is one of your best friends, and we believe that both of you deserve the respect of a compassionate end-of-life experience together. Saying goodbye is never easy, but some of the difficulties can be swept into the background when our compassionate team is there to assist you with the hardest parts.

How In Home Pet Hospice Care Begins

When your pet is nearing the end of their journey, the people closest to them are able to notice the difference first. You may observe them slowing down, changes in their appetite, more bad days than good days, discomfort, and more, but you may not know what to do what your observations. The Caring Pathways team provides information to you to help you assess your pet’s quality of life, as well as in home consultations and assessments through which we can examine your pet, observe their home life, and help you assess your pet’s needs.

If it is determined that your pet could benefit from gentle at home hospice care, the Caring Pathways team will develop a course of action that suits your family, lifestyle, and companion’s needs. We are able to provide ongoing care and assessments, ensuring that your pet’s condition is monitored and changes in their needs are addressed.

Contact Caring Pathways With Pet Hospice Care Questions

We invite you to explore our website if you have questions about your pet’s needs, and please reach out to us at (720) 287-2553 with your questions and concerns about your pet’s care. We believe that every pet deserves respectful hospice care at the end of their life, and we aim to provide this to each family in hopes that your pet’s final days can be a sweet memory.

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