Allen Grove

Feb 23, 2018

Thank you for coming yesterday April 25, 2016,. our baby suffering has ended.
All the years that we have had with her – shall remain special in our hearts.

Thank you for the time you spent with us; going through the process.
I could not, have fathomed taking her to a office and undertaking this process.
The fact that we were able to keep her calm and hold her in our arms meant the world to us.

Home is where the heart is and for everyone we love; they should be able to pass where they are the most familiar.
As I worked outside that day; I glanced and seen our baby girl, at a much younger age “active” “full of life”.
I kept this to myself (as a wishful memory) the mind creating illusions……. hours later my wife became stunned by seeing the same….. I expressed to her what I had seen earlier; and we sat in silence.

Free of for bonds that would no longer allow her to move. She is free to run until we meet up with her on the other-side. I know she is there now; waiting for us to come to her.

Allen Grove

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