Testimonials and Reviews

We are honored to care for and serve each and every person through their end-of-life journey of their pet. We invite you to explore this page to read the kind words these people had to share about our team. If you would like to share your testimonial, click the button below.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Testimonial from Dr. Lisa McCarthy

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so difficult and sad. As a veterinarian, I have assisted many clients with this transition for their wonderful pets. But when it came time for my sweet girl, Poppy, I needed help so that I could just be present as her mom through the process. Caring Pathways was…

Testimonial from Eric Shaw

We were highly impressed by your service. Everything from the initial call, through the entire process, and even receiving my beloved pet’s ashes was done with grace and humility. Dr. Megan was an absolute saint and made us feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I would highly recommend Caring Pathways to anyone in need…

Testimonial from Nick Eiler

This is such an amazing service. Dr. Lori was great and very kind and helped make this process as comfortable as possible. Saying goodbye to your best friend is incredibly hard but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Testimonial from Annie Mirabella

I thought my 17 year old kitty Charlotte would make it one more night and I would have had another company come the next day to help her on her journey. As it got later, it was clear that Charlotte was ready to go. I called Caring Pathways and they said they could have someone…

Testimonial from Janice and Amy

On January 24 we had to say goodbye to our beloved 14 year old lab, Freedom. We knew the day was coming, but how can you ever be fully prepared? We are grateful to Dr. Gina Singleton for the care and compassion she showed to Freedom, our other dog, and to us. She explained what…

Testimonial from Andrea Jordan

Helping my old gal cross the rainbow bridge was undoubtedly the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. But there came a time when I had to set my selfish reasonings aside and realize that she was holding on only because I wasn’t ready to let her go. When I finally came to grips and…

Testimonial from Evon and Shawn Holladay

Dr. Desko was so amazing. Our little Tigger was ready to go and Dr. Desko walked in and made everything better. Tigger got to be in his favorite chair with his favorite blanket and we got to be with him every step of the way.

Testimonial from Naomi Bryant

February 24, 2021 we said goodbye to our second senior citizen in 3 months, Zoe. Dr. Nicole came to our house and walked us through the process. She was so kind and caring. She let us take our time to say goodbye. Zoe went peacefully as I could hope.

Testimonial from Naomi Bryant

November 22, 2020 I had to say goodbye to Simon. Dr. Stacee Kim came to our house. She was so kind and compassionate. She walked us through each step of the process. I’m thankful for kindness and caring shown to us during this time.

Testimonial from Kari Kozak

We had to make the heartbreaking decision to put our beloved dog, Koda, to rest. He was diagnosed with an intestinal disease in 2015. He recently relapsed and could not recover this time at the age of 13. We adopted him from the Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado when he was six months old. He had such…