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In-Home Pet Euthanasia
After a final professional consult and review, our Caring Pathways transitional services allow for a dignified and respectful euthanasia. Our compassionate veterinary team is dedicated to creating a peaceful end and will provide the space to honor the journey of a life shared together.Our Request an In-Home Euthanasia Appointment Expand
Every aspect of your pet’s final care and arrangements is of the utmost significance in honoring the life, and the love, you shared. We will walk you through paw print memorial options, cremation services, and custom pet memorial products. TeleAdvice
A TeleAdvice Appointment with our highly-skilled veterinarians facilitate in-depth conversations using video conferencing to help you better understand the quality of your pet’s life. We’ll also explain options for comfort and end-of-life care. Request a TeleAdvice Appointment Expand
Consultation, Palliative and Hospice Care
In-home palliative and hospice care helps alleviate the stress associated with visits to the veterinary clinic, and allows you and your pet to enjoy your special time together in the familiar surroundings of home. The decision to pursue hospice care, though not for everyone, strengthens the bond between you and your pet and helps prepare for the passing of your special companion. Request an In-Home Consultation Appointment Expand


Our veterinarians are available to serve you and your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Appointments at night from 8pm-7am may be limited, as well as holidays. It is our mission and goal to serve you and your beloved friend with timely care of our services, with same day appointments available to you if needed.

JDL05145 What Type of Consult is Best for My Pet?

A Telehealth Consult is a great opportunity to discuss your pet’s current condition, any diagnoses your pet has been given, for you to learn how to objectively evaluate and measure quality of life, and to develop a palliative care and/or end of life plan for your pet.  This option is best for pets that are being monitored and cared for by your family veterinarian as an added resource to your pet’s care team. 

While we are happy to schedule a Telehealth consultation with any family for any situation, there are limitations to Telehealth that prevent a thorough physical exam, diagnostics, and certain prescribing abilities due to state law, so if you are at the beginning of your pet’s end of life journey, a visit to your family veterinarian may be recommended to be sure your pet has the best quality of life possible during their journey.

An In-Person Consult is also a great opportunity to discuss all of the above as well as have a hands-on exam for your pet.  This can help determine underlying concerns that should be addressed and if humane euthanasia is elected, your pet’s peaceful passing can occur at the same appointment.  This option is best for pets that may or may not be monitored and cared for by your family veterinarian, pets who cannot safely or easily be transported to your family veterinarian anymore, or your pet that you believe may be at the end of their journey but you’d like an objective hands-on evaluation before making the decision to provide humane euthanasia.  Your pet must be tolerant of strangers for this appointment to be successful.  The limitations of this type of appointment are that diagnostics (radiographs/bloodwork) cannot be performed so diagnoses cannot be made but some prescriptions can be scripted/refilled at the veterinarian’s discretion.

A Veterinary Visit at your family veterinarian is recommended for any pets that need diagnostics (blood work, radiographs, etc…) to diagnose their ailments or for routine monitoring for certain long term medications or conditions.  It is in your pet’s best interest to have a diversified care team as you enter into their end of life journey and we are happy to communicate with your veterinarian to be sure your pet’s care team is on the same page every step of the way.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet in-person and/or virtually; please let us know how we can best support your family during this time. 

Meet Our Denver Metro Team


Megan Coveyou, Veterinarian


Lori Schmalz, Veterinarian


Kelly Knoll, Veterinarian


JoAnna Anzelmo-Rump, Veterinarian


Stacee Kim, Veterinarian


Mindy Brewster, Veterinarian


Nicole Masterson, Veterinarian


Kellie Littrell, Veterinarian


Tara Poyer, Veterinarian


Suzie Gough, Veterinarian


Eddie Desko, Veterinarian


Kimberly Kemper, Office Manager


Tawny Jensen, Client Relations Team


Chloe Kaszubowski, Client Relations Team


Amy Gonsalves, Client Relations Team


Stacie Zanetell, Client Relations Team


Silvana Glorioso, Client Relations Team


Mandi Browning, Grief Support Specialist


“Dr. Nicole was so compassionate and caring. She really helped with the transition of our old cat and in spite of the circumstances, she made it a very gentle and kind experience. I would highly recommend her and Caring Pathways! I really appreciated how gentle she was with her cat, explained the entire process along the way, and gave our family time to say goodbye. Thank you and I would highly recommend your services to anyone for our loved family member! ❤️❤️”

Katie Langland

“I contacted Caring Pathways a few days ago at the recommendation of our vet. Our beloved retriever, Thompson, had just been diagnosed with cancer and we knew we would need to say good-bye soon. They responded to my email in detail and also asked me to call. The person answering the phone was very helpful and kind. Although I didn’t think we would need them for another three weeks, Thompson took a turn for the worse the following day. We made an appointment for the next morning (today). We gathered in my front yard (our family and two family dogs) this morning and Dr. Megan joined us exactly on time. She explained the procedure with care and was gentle both with us and Thompson. It was a painful process for the family but Dr. Megan’s kindness, professionalism, and patience allowed us to feel both the pain of Thompson’s passing and freeing of his spirit. Thank you, Dr. Megan.”

Bryon Adinoff

“We recently lost our yellow lab to osteosarcoma and it was very unexpected as she was 8. This was one of the worst things our family has ever had to experience. We started in their hospice program although it didn’t last as long as we’d hoped before we had to put her down. I know many vets offer to help through end of life and are good but I would 100% recommend switching to this hospice program instead as they are excellent. They were more aggressive in pain management and the kindness they showed us on the emotional support side was far more. I couldn’t believe how compassionate they were and took so much time to speak with us.
The actual process of Euthanasia could not have gone better. I am so grateful to have had this group taking care of our sweet dog and couldn’t have done it without them. Dr Kelly and Dr Megan were amazing.”

Megan Rood

“From the start and throughout; Dr. Kellie was kind, empathetic and professional. To be able to have our beloved dog Indy pass in her own backyard, under the shade of a maple tree, with all her family and familiar smells around her gave us such solace in our time of grief. The way that Dr. Kellie treated our dog – before, during and after – gently putting her body into a blanketed basket speaking sweetly to her; even after she had passed. And today we received the most wonderful card from Dr. Kellie. While no one wants to arrive at that day when they know it’s time to let their pet go – we strongly recommend Caring Pathways to help make that event just a little bit more bearable. Thank you!”

Kevin Sheen

“My wife and I had the unfortunate task of having to put down our first dog, “Z” and we were really struggling with the fact that we wouldn’t be allowed in the room with the vet due to COVID. We decided to look to see if there were any other options out there during this time and we came across this amazing company. I called them and spoke to someone who was caring and compassionate and very much everything I could hope for in this type of situation. When Dr. Mindy came over and spoke with us, we could not have asked for a better experience (given the circumstances). She was extremely kind and let us ramble on about our amazing animal. She was so patient with us and let us dictate when we were ready, walked us through what to expect and helped us understand what Z was going to feel and how peaceful it was going to be for him. I honestly could go on and on about how wonderful Dr. Mindy and the staff were but I will just say thank you so much for treating my animal with the respect and dignity that he deserved. Thank you for taking one of the worst moments I have had and bringing peace to myself, my wife, and most importantly Z.”

Peter Needham

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Dr. Larry Magnuson earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 1967. After spending more than 47 years as a veterinarian, he realized he wanted to provide pets with an in-home, end-of-life care that was compassionate and peaceful for the pet and it’s family. In 2010, he began his journey with Caring Pathways servicing the pet loving community in the Denver Metro Area.


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