Caring Pathways' Services Assessment

Our services assessment allows you to evaluate your pet’s condition objectively and monitor it over time. If there are two or more caretakers for the pet, each of you should fill it out independently because each of you might see things differently. Keep in mind that many pets will hide their symptoms and eat and do things to please you, even when they are not feeling well.

Check the box beside each statement that is true for your pet right now. When you are finished with the entire form, click submit. You will then be redirected to a recommended services page based off the boxes you checked on the form. 

This services assessment was designed by a team of veterinarians with a great deal of experience caring for pets and the people who care for those pets. If the pet is totally happy and healthy, there should no boxes checked. As the quality of life of the pet and family declines, there will be more items checked.

Measuring Your Pet's Quality of Life

Determining quality of life is a difficult thing to measure, particularly for a beloved pet. Please note that our Caring Pathways Services Assessment is not a verified scale to determine your pet's quality of life, but rather a tool to guide you to our recommended services and resources to best serve you and your elderly or sick pet.

Our team recommends Dr. Alice Villalobos' HHHHHMM Quality of Life Scale. A total of over 35 points indicates an acceptable quality, however palliative and hospice care may help improve quality of life or keep it at a higher level.

A compassionate way to say goodbye.