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The History of Caring Pathways in Denver

Caring Pathways was started in 2010 by our owner and founder, Dr. Larry Magnuson, who has served the Denver community for many years by providing exceptional veterinary care. The initial concept of Caring Pathways, which eventually became Dr. Magnuson’s business plan, came to him in December 2009 when he realized that this was where his passion lay: in compassionate end-of-life care for pets. By July 2010, Caring Pathways was established and Dr. Magnuson had surrounded himself with likeminded team members who shared his passion and his vision.

Dr. Magnuson and his team are honored to care for the pets and pet families in our community and it is part of the ongoing mission of Caring Pathways to provide compassionate care, support, and resources. Our team members work together to represent a unified goal of providing the kindest care possible to pets and their loving owners.

Our Purpose

Our purpose: To provide every pet owner the opportunity to receive gentle, compassionate care and to help you deal with the end of life issues surrounding your pet, including in-home medical assessment and consultation services, in-home palliative and hospice care, and in-home pet euthanasia, as well as body care, appropriate memorialization services, and helping guide you in your grieving process to the best of our ability, which may include outside resources.

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The Caring Pathways Outlook on End of Life Care

End of life care is not just a business for the team at Caring Pathways. Passion for what we do lives in the hearts of each one of our team members, forming the foundations of who we are and what we do. Every member of our team has a personal drive to offer compassionate and supportive care to pet owners in their time of need. We are committed to offering each family a personal and caring experience during their pet’s final days.

A compassionate way to say goodbye.

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