Kimberly Kemper

Client Relations Team Lead and Office Manager

Kimberly has been with Caring Pathways for over 5 years. Being a part of the Caring Pathways team has been a huge blessing. She loves our mission and believes it is a great company that is all about compassion. The opportunity to help people and their pets in such a difficult time is very special. Kimberly is married to her husband of 24 years, and they have two adult children. They also have one furry family member, a Chocolate Lab mix named Dakota. Kimberly enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, Crossfit and Krav Maga. She also loves just simple times spent with family and friends. Having been in the arena of customer service for many years, Kimberly understands the importance of putting clients first. To each person, she shows a compassionate heart. She believes it stems from her relationship with Christ, who has shown her so much grace.