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Recommended Pet Photographers and Artists

Our team recommends these pet photographers and artists if you are searching for a forever memory of your beloved pet. Please visit their website links below for more information on their services and pricing.

Silver Ink Photography

“Love and companionship are among the reasons we want to share our lives with the animals we welcome into our homes as family members. They become a part of us and enrich our lives in ways that can’t be measured. Silver Ink captures these special relationships and the inherent beauty of the pets you hold dear to your heart and translates them into a timeless works of art.”


Adventure Pup Photography

“Adventure Pup Photography offers truly unique dog portraits, where your dog’s story will live on long after they do. We want to celebrate your dog as well as all the memories you’ve shared during your time together with adventure-inspired dog portraits. With a focus on capturing the memories of canine cancer warriors and dogs of advanced age, Adventure Pup Photography is also the home of Juneau’s Rainbow Award, which on a quarterly basis provides a free photoshoot to a family with a terminal dog. Because we know how important it is to have great portraits of your dog before they’re gone, we want to help families capture and tell the stories of their dog that might not have the means to do so.”

Adventure Pup Photography Website
Juneau’s Rainbow Award Information AdventurePupPhotography

Helpful Links and Resources

If you have questions about any of these links or are looking for more resources that you don’t see here, contact our team for assistance. We are always here to help in any way we can.

Morris Animal Foundation

Dr. Larry Magnuson, founder of Caring Pathways, has been a long-time admirer of Morris Animal Foundation. Before starting Caring Pathways in 2010, Dr. Magnuson served the Denver pet owning community for forty years and knew how both Dr. Morris Sr. and Dr. Morris Jr. were pioneers in small animal veterinary medicine. “Dr. Mark Morris Sr. and Jr. were always at the forefront of helping animals, especially in their development of diets to address disease in our patients,” said Dr. Magnuson. “To be able to partner with someone who had that kind of foresight, and that kind of vision, that’s near to my heart.”

To honor of the pets and families that we serve, Caring Pathways sends a monthly donation to Morris Animal Foundation. To send a donation to MAF, visit their website.

Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Coleen Ellis, Founder of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center Coleen Ellis, Founder of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Our friend and colleague, Coleen Ellis, launched Two Hearts Pet Loss Center in 2009 to mentor and coach those that also wished to also provide dignified pet death care services to their community. She is the author of the book, Pet Parents, A Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief , which we would highly recommend to pet parents on their journey with their beloved companions.

Below are a list of helpful resources for pet parents provided by Two Hearts Pet Loss Center:


Pet Cremation Services

We work with and trust Pet Cremation Services (PCS) for body care, cremation services, and custom memorial products. Our veterinarians will provide transportation to the cremation location, removing that burden off of your shoulders during this difficult time. While our beloved pets will always be in our hearts, each of us have different ways of capturing our memories and honoring our departed companions, from photographs to keepsakes to special pet urns. Visit their website for more information on their memorial products.

A compassionate way to say goodbye.

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