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Why Should I Choose In-Home Euthanasia for my Pet?

There is something special about a pet staying in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. Whether it’s in their special bed or favorite sunny spot, they are less stressed and much more relaxed in a familiar setting. You and your pet are able to avoid the often difficult logistics of transport and travel to a vet hospital or clinic when your furry friend is close to their end of life.

One of the doctors from our team of veterinarians will come to your home and gently guide your pet’s peaceful passing in a calmer and quieter setting. Our coming to you also offers a meaningful benefit to your other pets as they are able to realize their companion is passing and spend as much time as they need to say goodbye. This helps minimize any separation anxiety that can occur when one pet is taken to another location to be euthanized while the other pets are left behind.

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Making Your Appointment for In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Once the decision for pet euthanasia has been made, we can help you by offering our expertise and compassionate support throughout the entire process. Even when making the phone call to schedule the date and time for your pet’s euthanasia, you will feel comforted by a kind and understanding team member. They will guide you through the pertinent details and gather as much information up front (as you are able) so we can minimize the amount of time needed for paperwork at your appointment. They will go over such details as:

  • What to expect when the veterinarian arrives
  • Body care options for your pet
  • Costs
  • Additional questions you may have

If you are interested in hearing a brief description of the process, the client relations team member can go over that with you on the phone as well. Our veterinarian who comes to the house will always review the details of the euthanasia process with you and those with you to prepare everyone for what to expect during your in-home visit.

Who Should I Include at the Euthanasia Time?

This question is best answered by those who know your pet most intimately. Witnessing the change from life to death is a powerful experience and often helps begin the healing process. Because euthanasia is so personal, you should allow whomever you feel is appropriate to share in this special time, but no one should be made to stay. There are many factors that can complicate grieving, so family and friends should be able to choose what is right for them. If children are present, we will explain the procedure in a way they will understand. Other pets can also be present as long as everyone is comfortable. We have never seen negative effects from other animals bearing witness to a companion’s passing.

What Kinds of Animals Are Helped?

We are helping dogs and cats at this time.

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Becoming Familiar with the Process of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

We will come to your home to assist you with your pet’s peaceful transition. When we arrive, we will greet you and your pet and address any initial concerns you may have. The doctor will focus on your beloved pet and discuss all aspects of the procedure and what to expect, then ask what questions, concerns, or special requests you may have. We will go through the necessary paperwork and payment with you. When everyone is prepared, we will administer an injection that will relax and sedate your pet, as well as erase any pain or discomfort they may have. We believe those last moments should be as comfortable and peaceful as possible for them. After your pet is relaxed and comfortable, we will then administer the final medication that will allow your beloved friend to pass away quietly and peacefully. We will respectfully allow you and your family (including housemate pets) to spend adequate time before and after the procedure, then we will transport your pet for cremation, according to your wishes.

Pets with Restraint Concerns

If your pet requires special handling with strangers present or when receiving veterinary care due to anxiety or pain, it is helpful for you to inform our staff before the scheduled appointment. This information will help our veterinarians understand the situation and accommodate your pet’s specific needs. We find that having this discussion before the appointment results in smoother appointment planning and a less stressful experience for all. Know that our mission is to provide the best experience possible for the entire family. With the majority of our veterinarians being Fear Free certified (or are in the process of their certification), they will strive to give those more anxious pets the most stress free experience possible.

Euthanasia Due to Aggressive Behavior

As part of our mission to serve families and their pets, we are occasionally called upon to provide euthanasia services due to unmanageable aggressions. We understand how difficult it is to come to the realization that it feels unsafe to have your pet remain in your home any longer. We view euthanasia of a pet for aggression as an option of last resort. Please understand that to serve you and your pet in the most compassionate and safest way possible we require additional planning and inquiry prior to performing euthanasia services for behavior related reasons. If you are seeking end of life services for your pet due to aggression, please call our office at (720) 287-2553 for additional information.

Contact Us With Questions

The Caring Pathways team is always here to provide answers and assistance to you in your time of need. We invite you to explore our Frequently Asked Questions page or reach out to our team directly so that we can help.

What if I Have a Pet That Has Bitten or May Bite?

If your pet may bite due to behavior, anxiety, or pain, please let our client relations team know when you are speaking with them on the phone. The safety of our clients, veterinarians, and patients is of primary concern. One of our veterinarians may speak with you on the phone before an appointment is scheduled. For such cases, we have a protocol in place for communication with the pet owner and pre-medication the pet before we arrive for a euthanasia appointment. If a bite to a human as occurred and euthanasia has been determined to be the best decision for a pet, we must speak with you regarding the Colorado Dept. of Public Health’s rabies requirements.

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