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Caring Pathways Safety Updates

To ensure the health and safety of yourself and our team, we ask that you follow these safety updates and policies as our veterinarian visits your home. We understand that restrictions may be lifted in counties around our service area; however, we ask that you please continue to follow our safety protocols at this time. If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our team members, please call or email us. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Precautions we will be taking to keep you and our team safe:

    1. Our veterinarian and other team members will wear a mask during the appointment and Caring Pathways requests that everyone in attendance wear a face mask or covering as well.
    2. When our veterinarian arrives to your home, they will communicate the safety precautions required at the appointment.
    3. If weather conditions are favorable, you may consider conducting the appointment outside or in an open and uncluttered garage. This will allow for maximum airflow and decrease the risk of exposure. 
    4. Before the pandemic, our veterinarians often showed their compassion and support to families with a hug or handshake, and depending on your veterinarian’s comfortability, they may refrain from handshakes and hugs at this time.
    5. We ask that the appointment take place with no restraint from anyone other than the veterinarian unless otherwise directed by the doctor.

Other Saftey Protocol Measures

Agressive Pet Appointments

As part of our mission to serve families and their pets, we are occasionally called upon to provide euthanasia services due to unmanageable aggressions. We understand how difficult it is to come to the realization that it feels unsafe to have your pet remain in your home any longer. We view euthanasia of a pet for aggression as an option of last resort. Please understand that to serve you and your pet in the most compassionate and safest way possible we require additional planning and inquiry prior to performing euthanasia services for behavior related reasons. If you are seeking end of life services for your pet due to aggression, please call our office at (720) 287-2553 for additional information.

Custom Urns

In a typical appointment, our veterinarians share a catalog of urns and other memorial options. We have suspended urn selection at the appointment but clients can purchase an urn directly from the website of our cremation services provider. More information will be provided during the appointment.

Aftercare Considerations

In some cases involving large dogs, we may need to involve our cremation services partner who will be able to coordinate transport after the appointment. We will discuss options with you during the call to schedule your appointment.

A Letter From Our Veterinarian Team

Helpful Ideas When Saying Goodbye
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